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If you are planning to document a team's work, invite yourself to meetings. Be accessible and flexible. Have a process.

Presenter Alanna Burke uses a tool that allows her to create Jira tickets by posting a specific emoji in Slack. (big grin)

Plan, but don't be so rigid that you can't adapt.

Monitor everything - watch tickets and pull requests, attend meetings. Remind your team that if they do something that would affect documentation, they need to document it, or let you know so you can.

Sometimes you will feel like the "bad guy" for bugging people about documentation. But everyone wants there to be documentation, and everything needs to be documented.

Breaking changes - don't discuss until you're calmed down and not annoyed; discuss with the team.

When you have to catch up, prioritize - what do users need to know immediately? is anything broken?

Stay organized - use a system that makes your work searchable.

Make sure what you write is useful. If it isn't, don't bother writing it. Don't make more work for yourself without need.  - recommended book