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Over the last two weeks, your DIWS team has been virtually attending DrupalCon, a massive conference about the Drupal content management system. We kept notes as we attended sessions, and you can read them all at .

We learned a lot about much more than Drupal, including how to implement continuity planning (as we say, preparing for "the bus"); tools that can search multiple services at once; creating meaningful and diverse mentorships and teams that help people of all backgrounds succeed in IT; the real-world climate-change implications of having a large and poorly-designed site; how to increase accessibility for a variety of users; a new data management and sharing tool; and how to document all of this so that future developers can easily continue our work.

Springshare updates

Earlier this month Springshare announced a code release. Some of the highlights:

  • LibCal
    • A new interactive mapping module is available (for an additional cost). Give Springshare your floorplans and they give you back an interactive map that can lead users directly to your meeting room, study room, or office.
    • Webex integration is now available for online events. (If this is something we want to pursue, I will need to set it up, so let me know!)
  • LibAnswers
    • Admins will now be able to see statistics on how much time was covered on LibChat and how many chats were fielded by each team member.

In more local update news, I deleted a bunch of LibAnswers accounts for people who no longer work at the if you're assigning tickets, the list of possible assignees is a little shorter now.

Scholars Junction

The migration is starting to move more quickly now. It's not quite ready for people to submit items, but people all over the world are finding it, so feel free to take a look at the progress!

I've finished preparing our undergraduate research collections (Honors theses, etc.) for import and will send them once bepress signals that they're ready for more collections. After that, I'm tackling our scholarly articles from across the University; then I'll do theses and dissertations; and finally I'll collect any remainders. I am hoping that we will be able to open up the site by June 1 at latest.

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