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Your budget

Budgets are set by the Library Deans' Council each fiscal year. Any questions or concern about your budget should be addressed to your coordinator and/or LDC representative. 

Digital Initiatives and Web Services staff do not set or watch budget amounts outside of the routine monitoring necessary to ensure Shift is working correctly.  

Keeping your budget projections (mostly) accurate

Shift's budgetary functions are strictly estimations. They might never precisely match the amount actually spent from your budget. 

Several factors might make your budget in Shift less accurate: 

  • Students not having the appropriate "page" active in Banner at the time of keying, and being keyed as a different type of pay 
  • Students being retroactively changed from wages to work-study in Banner 
  • Hours updates being handwritten on timesheets and keyed as such in Banner

Help keep budgets as accurate as possible: 

  • If a student needs to be keyed differently than they are classified in Shift, the Dean's Office staff member keying payroll should contact the student's supervisor, who should adjust their hours in Shift. 
  • If a student you thought was covered by work-study was paid wages instead, make no changes in Shift until the Dean's Office has updated the student's pages in Banner.
  • Never hand-write any correction on a printed timesheet. Always correct any errors in Shift first and then print or reprint the timesheet. 
  • Use a student budget estimator to get a general idea of what your budget should look like throughout the year. We've created one you can download: 

Work-study budgets

You must enter each work-study student's individual budget into Shift from their green sheet. You will be able to track your student's budget expenditure in Shift. 

Financial Aid sends email notifications to the Dean's Office with the names of students who are nearing the end of their budgets. The Dean's Office forwards these emails to student supervisors - be on the lookout.

Policy proposal awaiting Dean/LDC approval.

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