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How to hire a student

Students must fill out a student employment application in the Dean's Office. As a supervisor, you can request to view these applications so that you can choose a student.

Initial paperwork

Once you have decided to hire a particular student, you must inform the Dean's Office by phone or in person. 

To complete their paperwork, students must bring the following to the Dean's Office: 

A photo ID (driver's license, state ID, or MSU ID)


Social Security Card or birth certificate

ORA valid passportAND

Bank account information (checking & routing number) 


A voided check

Paperwork for work-study students

In addition to the above materials, supervisors must bring a completed green sheet to the Dean's Office. Without this green sheet, students can not be paid work-study. 

  1. Financial Aid must be informed that you wish to hire a work-study student. Contact Sandra Williams at (662) 325-7441 or She will prepare the student's green sheet.
  2. When the green sheet is ready, the student must retrieve it from Financial Aid and bring it to you. 
  3. You must mark the student as work-study in Shift, and enter the student's work-study budget amount listed on the green sheet.
  4. You and the student must both sign the sheet, and you must deliver it to the Dean's Office. 

Wait time

Once all paperwork is completed, supervisors must wait 5 business days before allowing their student to work their first shift. 

Policy proposal awaiting Dean/LDC approval.

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