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Note on browser compatibility

  • Timesheets will not generate in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari all work) when printing your timesheet. 
  • You may need to enable popups in your browser in order for timesheet generation to work - look for a prompt that a popup has been blocked, and follow the instructions to allow popups. You may also need to disable your ad-blocker browser extensions, if you have any installed.

About timesheets in Shift


  • Wages and work-study hours are listed separately. This means that a student who works as work-study in one department and wages in another, or work-study students who work the night shift, will have 2 timesheets. 
  • Timesheets have information in the top-right corner for use by the Dean's Office. These numbers may not precisely match what is in the body of the timesheet.
  • Due to the need to round hours and pay amounts to 2 decimal points, the total pay on a timesheet may not match with a student's actual paycheck; however, there should not be a difference of more than about 4 cents either above or below the amount listed on the timesheet.


There is a space on each timesheet for both student and supervisor to sign and date. Students must sign their timesheets. This signals to HR that students have reviewed their hours. 

One easy way to ensure that students sign their timesheets is to have them print, review, and sign their timesheets when they clock out of their last shift before timesheet day.

Sample work-study timesheet:

Sample work-study timesheet from Shift

Sample wages timesheet:

Sample wages timesheet from Shift

How to print timesheets

  1. In the sidebar, click Timesheets.
  2. Select the pay period from the Pay Period dropdown. 
  3. Select the department from the Department dropdown. 
  4. Select All employees or a single employee from the Employee dropdown. 
  5. Click Print.
  6. Your timesheets will open in a new window as a PDF. From there you can save or print the document as you wish. 

If you oversee more than one department, repeat steps 2-6 until all timesheets have been generated. 

Screenshot of Supervisor timesheet generation.

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