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In Shift, when you "remove" a student, you do not delete that student - you merely remove them from your department. Students' information is retained in Shift, and they can quickly be added back to your department or to another department. 

Removing/deactivating a student 

Start at your dashboard. Choose your department, and click Manage Employees.

Here you will see a list of all your current employees. Each has a blue Details button and a red Remove button. 

To remove an employee from your department, click the red Remove button. 

You will get a prompt asking if you're sure you want to remove them from the department. Click OK if you're sure. 

Correcting mistakes

If you accidentally remove an employee from your department, simply click the Add Employee button, look them up, and add them back in. Do not attempt to Create New; since the system retains the student information, the netID will already exist, and you will not be able to add another student with the same netID. See Adding a student for details.

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