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Before you begin

Make sure the student has been awarded work-study and that you have received their green sheet from Financial Aid. See a guide to hiring work-study students.

Adding work-study information

Find the student receiving workstudy and click the Details button. 

This brings you to the student's details screen. At the bottom of this screen you will find the Work Study section. Click the green Add Workstudy button. 

A small window will pop up. In this window, you can enter the student's department, the year in which they will receive work-study, the work-study period (spring, summer, fall), and the amount of aid listed on their green sheet. 

Once you've chosen a work study period, you'll see a message that provides beginning and end dates for that period. If you're adding work-study information later than the beginning date, or removing work-study info earlier than the ending date, click Edit Dates. 

A confirmation message and "Yes" and "Cancel" buttons will also appear. If everything is correct, click Yes.

Your work-study student's info has now been updated. When you return to the dashboard, you will see that the student now has a progress bar and a "WORK STUDY" indicator, as well as notifications of how many hours they have remaining and what percentage of their budget they have used. 

Editing work-study information

On the student's info card (see the last screenshot above), click the blue Details button. You will be brought to their details screen. 

At the bottom, in the Work Study section, you will see a card with a summary of the student's current work-study info. Click the pencil icon in that card to edit that info.

Here you will get the same options you got when you first added work-study info. Edit any information you need to and click Yes. If you need to delete it all, click the red Remove button.

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