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Read the Glossary on the General Information page!


Click on any of the screenshots below to see a larger version.

What is a customer?

A "customer" is anyone who makes requests in Service Desk. This includes all MSU Libraries employees as well as members of the general public.


User Accounts

MSU Libraries employees

See General Information.


Anyone can register their own account in the Help Center.

Help Center

Log in to the Help Center at From here, you can get to any individual Customer Portal.

From the Help Center homepage, you can search for a (very general) topic to bring up specific request forms.

You can also click "Browse all" to see all of the Customer Portals.

Customer Portals

If you click Browse All, you will see a list of all available service desk portals. (You can also reach these via direct link; see the table on General Information or the For Library Employees page.

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Service desk portals may have only one request type, or they may have several; these may also be grouped into categories. Request types have forms tailored to collect specific information; choose carefully!

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Making a request

Click on a request type to get started. Complete the form, and click create when you're done!

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You can see the progress of your requests by clicking on Requests in the upper-right corner of any page. (You will also get email notifications, so don't worry if you don't remember to come here!)

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