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titleThe basics
  • Customer Portal 
    A front-facing website where customers can help themselves or raise requests.

  • Queue 
    List of issues that have been submitted to a service desk. You can use the default queues, or customize up to 50.

  • Request 
    An ask for help. Customers make requests, which become issues in Service Desk.

  • Issue 
    An issue is, basically, a ticket. Your request is sent to an agent, and becomes an issue for them. Issues can have sub-tasks and be linked to or dependent on other issues.

  • Label 
    A label is basically a tag for tickets. In the old helpdesk, we had predefined categories. Here you can categorize issues on the fly using labels.

  • Project 
    What we referred to as "inboxes" in the old helpdesk are "projects" in Service Desk. Jira Service Desk is basically an addon for another application called Jira Software, in which DIWS/Systems can track projects. Each department's Service Desk is a "project" in Jira Software. Changing an issue's project will change which department can view and work on it.

  • Workflow 
    The lifecycle of an issue. By default the workflow is To Do, Under Investigation, In Progress, In Review, Waiting for Customer, Done, or Cancelled. We can also create custom workflows for specific issue types.

titleUser roles

titleIssue types

Issue types are ways for agents to categorize their issues and more completely tell the story of each one for the benefit of others in their organization. Below are the default issue types; you can also customize your own.


Your account

Every MSU Libraries employee gets a customer account. Systems/DIWS will set this up as part of the onboarding process, and will send the details to the account holder. Members of the public can also register their own accounts to raise requests. 

Agent accounts are restricted to only those MSU Libraries employees who work on issues, and availability depends on the current number of licensed seats. If you believe you or a coworker needs this level of access, please discuss with your coordinator. 

Username and password

Your username is usually either first initial - last name ("jshedd" or your library email address (""). 

If you do not know or have forgotten your password, email to have it reset.