Adding a shift for a student 

If your student forgets or is unable to clock in, or if you need to project their time, you can add a shift for them. 

From your Dashboard, choose the student's department and click Manage Employees.

Find your student's card and click the blue Details button. 

You'll see the student's details at the top of the page, and three buttons on the right. Click the green Add Shift button.

A window will pop up. Select the department in which the student works. Then give them a time in and a time out. Clicking in each of these fields brings up a date and time picker. When you're done, click the green Save button. 

The window will close. To ensure that it worked, scroll down to History, select the correct values, and click the green Search button. 

You should see a new field with the shift you added.

Projecting student time

Projection has not yet been perfected in Shift, but we have a workaround. To project a student's time, you must follow the steps above, but when you add the shift times, you must begin with the Time Out field, and then enter the Time In. 

Editing student time

You can edit shifts that have occurred in the past. You can not edit a shift that your student is currently clocked into. 

To edit a past shift: 

Follow the first two steps above to find your student's details page.

Scroll down to History. Choose the pay period and department in which the shift was worked and click the green Search button.

A list of the student's shifts from the pay period you chose will appear. Find the one you wish to edit and click the pencil icon to edit. 

A window will pop up. Enter the correct time in and time out, and click the green Save button. 

If you need to delete the shift altogether, click the red Remove button.

Editing time for a student who is currently clocked in

In order to edit a student's time, that student must be clocked out. You can do this quickly from the dashboard. 

Select your department from the dropdown. Without clicking anything else, scroll down to the "Clocked in Employees" section. You should see cards for all the students currently clocked in. 

Simply click the red Clock Out button for the student you wish to clock out. 

Once the student is clocked out, you can edit their time using the steps detailed above.