The following fields are registered for use in DSpace. If you need another field, you can create it - just send the new information to Julie so she can add it here.

FieldScope Note
dc.contributor.advisorUse primarily for thesis/dissertation advisor/major professor(s).
dc.contributor.committeeUse primarily for thesis/dissertation committee members.
dc.contributor.issuingbodyBody issuing the item. Always includes "Mississippi State University".
dc.contributorA person, organization, or service responsible for the content of the resource. Catch-all for unspecified contributors.
dc.coverage.spatialSpatial characteristics of content.
dc.coverage.temporalTemporal characteristics of content.
dc.creatorDo not use; only for harvested metadata. DSpace takes possession of item. of birth for the author. Used primarily for theses and dissertations. or date range item became available to the public. of copyright. of creation or manufacture of intellectual content if different from date.issued. primarily for thesis/dissertation defense date. of publication or distribution. for theses/dissertations. last time the item was updated via the SWORD interface
dc.dateUse qualified form if possible.
dc.description.abstractAbstract or summary.
dc.description.provenanceThe history of custody of the item since its creation, including any changes successive custodians made to it.
dc.description.sponsorshipInformation about sponsoring agencies, individuals, or contractual arrangements for the item.
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityTo preserve statement of responsibility from MARC records.
dc.description.tableofcontentsA table of contents for a given item.
dc.description.uriUniform Resource Identifier pointing to description of this item.
dc.description.versionThe Peer Reviewed status of an item
dc.descriptionCatch-all for any description not defined by qualifiers.
dc.format.extentSize or duration.
dc.format.mediumPhysical medium.
dc.format.mimetypeRegistered MIME type identifiers.
dc.formatCatch-all for any format information not defined by qualifiers.
dc.identifier.citationHuman-readable, standard bibliographic citation of non-DSpace format of this item
dc.identifier.doiDOI (Digital Object Identifier).
dc.identifier.govdocA government document number
dc.identifier.isbnInternational Standard Book Number
dc.identifier.ismnInternational Standard Music Number
dc.identifier.issnInternational Standard Serial Number
dc.identifier.otherA known identifier type common to a local collection.
dc.identifier.siciSerial Item and Contribution Identifier
dc.identifier.sluga uri supplied via the sword slug header, as a suggested uri for the item
dc.identifier.uriUniform Resource Identifier
dc.identifierCatch-all for unambiguous identifiers not defined by qualified form; use identifier.other for a known identifier common to a local collection instead of unqualified form.
dc.language.isoCurrent ISO standard for language of intellectual content, including country codes (e.g. "en_US").
dc.language.rfc3066the rfc3066 form of the language for the item
dc.languageCatch-all for non-ISO forms of the language of the item, accommodating harvested values.
dc.publisher.collegeThe MSU college under whose authority or by/for whom the item was published. (Ex: College of Arts and Sciences)
dc.publisher.departmentThe MSU department or school under whose authority or by/for whom the item was published. (Ex: Department of Communication)
dc.publisher.msuaffiliationCatch-all for MSU affiliation (colleges, departments, research centers, offices, libraries) for submission form. Do not display anywhere else; convert to other publisher fields upon submission.
dc.publisher.officeThe MSU office or administrative unit under whose authority or by/for whom the item was published. (Ex: Office of Research and Economic Development)
dc.publisher.organizationMSU student or faculty organization under whose authority or by/for whom the item was published.
dc.publisher.researchcenterThe MSU research center, institute, or laboratory under whose authority or by/for whom the item was published. (Ex: Forest and Wildlife Research Center)
dc.publisherEntity responsible for publication, distribution, or imprint.
dc.relation.haspartReferences physically or logically contained item.
dc.relation.hasversionReferences later version.
dc.relation.isbasedonReferences source.
dc.relation.isformatofReferences additional physical form.
dc.relation.ispartofReferences physically or logically containing item.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSeries name and number within that series, if available.
dc.relation.isreferencedbyPointed to by referenced resource.
dc.relation.isreplacedbyReferences succeeding item.
dc.relation.isversionofReferences earlier version.
dc.relation.replacesReferences preceeding item.
dc.relation.requiresReferenced resource is required to support function, delivery, or coherence of item.
dc.relation.uriReferences Uniform Resource Identifier for related item.
dc.relationCatch-all for references to other related items.
dc.rights.embargoEmbargo terms and lift date. Primarily for user-submitted items.
dc.rights.holderThe owner of the copyright
dc.rights.uriReferences terms governing use and reproduction.
dc.rightsTerms governing use and reproduction.
dc.source.institutionAlmost always "Mississippi State University".
dc.source.uriDo not use; only for harvested metadata.
dc.sourceDo not use; only for harvested metadata.
dc.subject.classificationCatch-all for value from local classification system; global classification systems will receive specific qualifier
dc.subject.ddcDewey Decimal Classification Number
dc.subject.degreeDegree for which a thesis or dissertation was submitted.
dc.subject.lccLibrary of Congress Classification Number
dc.subject.lcshLibrary of Congress Subject Headings
dc.subject.majorMajor for the author submitting a thesis or dissertation.
dc.subject.meshMEdical Subject Headings
dc.subject.otherLocal controlled vocabulary; global vocabularies will receive specific qualifier.
dc.subjectUncontrolled index term.
dc.title.alternativeVarying (or substitute) form of title proper appearing in item, e.g. abbreviation or translation
dc.titleTitle statement/title proper.
dc.typeNature or genre of content.