JIRA Service Desk is our replacement for our "homegrown" helpdesk. This guide will help you to navigate it as both customer and agent. 

General Information

Terminology and other information that everyone needs to know.


A customer is anyone who makes a request ("puts in a ticket"). All MSU Libraries employees, as well as any member of the public that raises a request, are customers.


An agent is someone who works on requests. Only specific MSU Libraries employees are agents - these are paid licenses, and their number is restricted. 

Make a request

Use this chart to help you make a request to the right desk in the way that's easiest for you! 

Request typeDeskLinkEmail *
Cataloging, acquisitions, purchase requests, e-resourcesCollection Management Services (work in progress)https://helpdesk.library.msstate.edu/servicedesk/customer/portal/20cms-request@library.msstate.edu
Printing, audio/video, and moreDigital Media Centerhttps://helpdesk.library.msstate.edu/servicedesk/customer/portal/16
Issues with items in Digital Collections or requests for digitization of library collectionsDigital Preservation and Access Unithttps://helpdesk.library.msstate.edu/servicedesk/customer/portal/14
Issues with your computer, software, or any MSU Libraries websiteSystems/DIWShttps://helpdesk.library.msstate.edu/servicedesk/customer/portal/3servicedesk@library.msstate.edu 
Services to prepare for a MSU Libraries eventEvents Setup (work in progress)

New hires and departing employeesEmployee On/Offboarding (work in progress)

Use these email addresses to quickly create an issue!